Your SNAP Experience
Snap Photo Studio gives everyone a unique photo experience. Our photographers are full of energy and fully trained. We create beautiful poses and moments that you will cherish forever.

SNAP Experiences

Snap Photo Studio is a group of professional photographers that offer a wide range of photography services in Canada. We have multiple studios in Ontario and Quebec, and focus on creating a unique experience for all of our clients.

Whether you are looking for a relaxed, family photoshoot or a business portrait – we have you covered! Our talented photographers will create beautiful poses and moments that are sure to become unforgettable memories that are passed down for generations.

Our studios are equipped to handle large families, and we regularly accommodate multi-generational portraits. We specialized in passport photos, and select locations allow for pets, meaning that your entire household can be a part of the Snap Experience! 

Family Photography

Corporate Photography

Passport Photography

Portrait Photography

Couples & Engagements

Maternity Photography

Newborn Photography

In Studio Photography

Pet Photography

Graduations & Events

Special Occasions & Holidays

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We have countless years of experience in the photography industry. We do everything to give our clients the ultimate photography experience, from start to finish. We aren’t just fast – we’re great at what we do and proud of it.